jsmad – A Pure Javascript MP3 Decoder

jsmad is a pure javascript MP3 decoder, which allows browsers to play MP3 files without Flash. It’s based on libmad, with an ID3 decoder written from scratch.

A Pure Javascript MP3 Decoder

jsmad opens up a whole world of realtime audio applications implemented in javascript: dj-mixers, samplers, sequencers, all these applications benefit from using mp3s as audio source.

jsmad allows Firefox 4.0+ to play MP3s without any Flash. Faster loading times. Fewer security holes. No 64-bit headaches on Linux. Fewer memory leaks.

It works out of the box under Firefox 4.0 and above. On Chrome 13.0+, you have to enable manually the Web Audio API in ‘about:flags’, then restart the browser and it should work fine! No Opera support at the moment.

Demo :http://jsmad.org/
Download :https://github.com/nddrylliog/jsmad
License :GPLv2 license.

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