inuit.css – A Flexible CSS Framework

inut.css is a progressive, flexible, sensible, extensible and production-ready CSS framework which aims to solve real problems and lack of flexibility. inuit.css makes very few decisions for you, leaving you with total control and remove the boring repetitive jobs.

inuit.css - A Flexible CSS Framework

Besides desktop browsers, it is also built to work on smaller screens (such as tablets) and tiny screens (such as phones) straight out of the box with minimal effort.

inuit.css is a designed to be built upon by you with the minimum predefined styles. it has basic support for new HTML5 elements and also has some little typographical niceties built into it from the outset. It also has a typographical scale and a (loose) baseline to get you well on your way.

Main features are fully supported in IE7 but not in IE6 because, well, it’s time to move on. inuit.css embraces progressive enhancement.

Compatibility: All Major Browsers (except IE6)
License : Other License

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