30 Free High Quality Icon Sets for E-Commerce Design

The most important aspect of designing an individual icon is that it has to be instantly recognizable. They do an amazing job to train the eye and help draw out the most important information. E-commerce web design usually need for specific icons such as shopping carts, credit cards, and others related to the online shopping experience Here is 30 sets of quality icons for use in e-commerce designs. Don’t forget to read and understand the terms of use or license agreements stipulated by the creator.

1.Shopping Cart Icon

Shopping Cart Icon

2.Free Glossy E-Commerce Icons

Free Glossy E-Commerce Icons

3.Shopping Cart Icons
Shopping Cart Icons

4.Shopping Cart Icon

Shopping Cart Icon

5. Shopping Basket Icon
Shopping  Basket Icon

6.e-Shop Icons
e-Shop Icons

7.Chalkwork Payment Icons

Chalkwork Payment Icons

8.Credit Card Icon Set
Credit Card Icon Set

9.Credit Card Logos
Credit Card Logos

10.VisualPharm Finance Icons
VisualPharm Finance Icons

11.Sienna Icons
Sienna  Icons

12.Weby Icons
Weby Icons

13.Silk Icons
Silk Icons

14.CSS Globe Icon Set
CSS  Globe Icon Set

15.Speckyboy Payment Method Icon Set
Speckyboy Payment Method Icon Set

16.Christmas Shopping Cart Icon
Christmas  Shopping Cart Icon

17.Tango Styled Shopping Cart Icon
Tango  Styled Shopping Cart Icon

18.Fresh Add-On Icons
Fresh Add-On  Icons

19.Free E-Commerce Icons from IconShock
Free E-Commerce Icons from  IconShock

20.Icons for some E-Shop
Icons for some E-Shop

21.InfoMerchant – Credit Card Images
InfoMerchant  – Credit Card Images


23.Finance and Applications
Finance  and Applications

24.10 hochwertige, exklusive E-Commerce Icons
10 hochwertige,  exklusive E-Commerce Icons

25.Checkout Process Icons
Checkout  Process Icons

26.Colorful Stickers

Colorful  Stickers

27.Open Source Icons

Open Source Icons

28.Business Icons
Business Icons

29.Credit Cards Icons in Detail
Credit Cards Icons in Detail

30.E-Commerce Icon Set
E-Commerce Icon  Set

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