FlashWavRecorder – Javascript & Flash Audio Recorder

FlashWavRecorder is javascript & flash audio Recorder based on javascript and flash (swf) which allow you to recording the audio which consists of a tiny (6k) SWF to handle the recording along with a Javascript interface that handles most of the interaction.

FlashWavRecorder - Javascript & Flash Audio Recorder

To set up the recorder, you’ll need to embed the SWF (This is required for a browser other than chrome) on the page and set variables for the event handler and upload_image – there’s a sample event handler in html/js/recorder.js which also create a global “Recorder” object that can be used to interact with the recorder on the page


Requirement : JavaScript enabled and the Adobe Flash Player plugin
Demo : http://cykod.github.com/FlashWavRecorder/html/
Download : https://github.com/cykod/FlashWavRecorder
License : Other License

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