Node.js: Understand Why and When To Use It

If you are in the web development industry and not living under the rocks, then you must be aware of the virtues of Node.Js and the way it has gained an unwavering reputation of being a truly standalone platform for writing server-side JavaScript applications. The adoption of Node.js is growing at a rapid pace when it comes to creating real-time websites with an amazing push ability.
Node.js is intended to run on HTTP server and employs a single thread at a time, even though files and network events could leverage multiple threads. Its applications are event-driven, non-blocking I/O model and run asynchronously. This is something which makes this framework a reliable choice for playing around data-intensive, real-time applications.

The blog post will describe the reasons stating the benefits provided by Node.js and everything that’s related to it.

1. Node.js is Blazingly Fast

Being a JavaScript based framework, Node.js makes use of V8 engine developed by Google to be used in Chrome. V8 is extremely powerful when it comes to compiling and executing JavaScript at a fast speed.

Plus, Node.js comes with a lot of useful models, thus saving you a lot of time to write anything from scratch. Another thing which makes Node.js truly dynamic is its event loop. “an event loop is an entity which is responsible for handling the processes of external events and convert them into callback functions”.

With event loop, Node.js can essentially be “single-threaded” while still allowing the arbitrary number of functions to be managed in the background. It performs all the I/O related operations asynchronously. Having asynchronous function is helpful, because it simplifies the process of writing code. Just use callbacks when you are doing I/O; and you can simply be assured that your code will never be interrupted and that performing I/O will not block other requests without consuming much memory space.

In simple words, it can be said that using Node.js it reading/writing to file systems, network connects, and database, and all the tasks related to them will become extremely fast and easy. Node is useful for building highly scalable network applications and network connects with high throughput scenarios.

2. Expert Tooling

What’s really great about Node.js is the plethora of modules available for a variety of purposes. Among them the most popular one is npm. As a versatile built-in package manager, npm is fast, consistent, and powerful. You can use it to install node programs. Also, for developers it’s a best way to specify and link dependencies. Apart from npm, there is another task runner known as grunt which you can use to automate anything without any difficulty. Gulp, brunch, and broccoli also focus on builds that help you transform your files, while unleashing the full potential of JavaScript file streaming capabilities.

3. Easy to Modify and Maintain

Services developed using Node.js is easy because of the technology Node is capable to provide. Writing applications using Node mean that applications will be composed of handy modules, which are combined together to improve the project efficiency. Traditionally, applications were often rigid and tricky to adapt to the current trends and as when new requirements need to be added, these applications began to diminish due to the pressure they had to bear to display the qualities they were
not developed for.

However, with Node.js you only need to create a group of small applications instead of large. This is something which gives webmasters power to add new features and functionalities as per the needs, without overriding the entire code structure.

4. Effective Real Time Management

Node.js not only works exceptionally well at concurrent connections, but also at multi-user, real-time web applications such as chats and games. Node’s event loop is responsible for fulfilling the needs of multi-user applications. As far as real-time is concerned, then its websocket protocol simply works on this aspect. The combination between Node.js and websockets let developers to write fast, lag free applications coupled with the ability to send data to a number of clients. Although there are a lot of platforms using which one can easily develop a chat service, but by choosing Node.js there is absolutely no need to learn a different language, only JavaScript, which is all enough to write a compelling application.

5. Corporate Reliability

Node.js is growing incredibly and it’s quite evident with the way it being sponsored by Joyent. The service has not only hired the project lead but also other core contributors as well. Thus we can be assured of the company supporting the platform so well. Also, it’s worth noticing the major companies backing the project at every level including Walmart, Yahoo, Voxer and more.


Node.js is a powerful, flexible framework, and there is no doubt about it. It can be used to create real-time applications, and almost anything you can think of. Application and web developers want something to cater their specific needs, and Node.js has provided exactly that.