Fort.js: Modern Progress Bar for Form Completion

Fort.js progress bar is a modern form for completion. All you do is add the form and Fort.js algorithm will take care of the rest. Best of all, it is super small.


How to use Fort.js ?

Using Fort.js is so simple, it’s simple. All you do is insert fort.min.js and fort.min.css into the <head> then pop in an <input> into <div>. Anything outside of the <div> will not count. Yep, that’s all there is to it. Fort.js does the rest.

It is also easy to costumize, if you think the progress bar speed is too slow or too fast, you just change the speed in the stylesheet to your desired liking. Additionally if you prefer the bottom rather the top, just change top: 0; to bottom: 0; in the stylesheet.

Currently, Fort.js has four effect that available to use ; Default -solid(), Gradient -gradient(), Sections – sections(), Flash – flash().

Fort.js is authored and maintained by Idris Khenchil. you can check out the live demo here.
Requirements: JavaScript Framework
License: MIT License