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As a tagline “Manage WordPress Site From One Dashboard“. MainWP is a WordPress plugin that allow us to managing multiple of Self-hosted WordPress site only from one Central Dashboard that resides on your server. In the MainWP dashboard you can control all aspects of WordPress management including scheduling backups, updating all of your sites with just one click of a button, up time monitoring of your sites, managing content across their network for posts or pages and much more. mainwp-manage-multiple-wp-sites MainWP is a tool that which you can rely on to manage all your site and the most important is that Free. With MainWP, you can save your time and energy to manage your site and of course you will have more free time available to focus on your business and your customers instead of updates and maintenance.

Here are a Some Features of MainWP dashboard plugin

1. Easy Management
MainWP takes the hassle out of managing your themes and plugins. Using it’s dashboard means you can review which of your WordPress sites have themes and plugins that need updating from one central location.

2. One Click Upgrades
With MainWP updating all your sites with just a click of a button, there is no longer any reason to log into each and every one of your sites checking for available updates.

3. Super Easy Site Cloning
MainWP made site cloning super easy. Simply setup your master site with any themes, plugins and settings you require, and clone it in seconds to a new install.

4. Reliable Backups
Use our backup feature and enjoy premium-quality backup services for all of your WordPress sites.

5. Auto-Backup Scheduling
Providing you the power to automate your backups is another crucial feature you’ll find useful with MainWP . Automate your backups on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, and then rest assured knowing that your data will be safe and retrievable weather you are backing up your entire site or just your WordPress database.

6. Bulk Posting Posting content to multiple websites can prove difficult with WordPress alone. With MainWP , posting content to multiple blogs couldn’t be easier. Create the content, select your blogs, and enjoy the time you saved.

7. Content Management
The power of MainWP means that publishing content to sites is now as easy as can be. Pick your site from a list, write content, and publish, without the hassles of logging into each and every site. It’s just as easy to manage links, comments, and spam using our mass publish and delete functions.

8. Customize Your MainWP

Extensions offer custom functions and features so that each user can tailor their MainWP to their specific needs.

9. Discovery Protection
MainWP protects your sites from your competitors, search engines or anyone else with prying eyes.  Check out All More Features 

What’s the Requirements ?

MainWP requires two plugins ; (1)  MainWP Dashboard plugin, you can install this plugin on your own separate WordPress install and (2) MainWP child plugin, you can install it on the sites you want to control (child sites) . How to Install ? 1. Make sure your WordPress install in your site has updated (recommend). It is to avoid plugin conflicts and other issues that can be caused by trying to run your MainWP Main Dashboard from an active site. and also recommend for create one sub domain. 2. Once you have setup the separate WordPress install you can install MainWP plugin by uploading in to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory. 3. Once installed then Activate the Plugin through the Plugins Menu in you WordPress Add your first child site to the MainWP Dashboard – Documentation and Setting your MainWP Settings – Documentation Download Plugin

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