Speed up your Development Laravel 4 Workflow with generators

Laravel-4-Generators is a Laravel 4 package which provides a variety of generators to speed up your development workflow process. These really can save you a tremendous amount of time in your day-to-day workflow.


JeffreyWay will show you on laracast, how to install and work with. Check out Laravel-4-Generators on Github, for more information detail

Here’s a command of generators that you can used :

  • php artisan generate:migration – This expands the Laravel’s built-in migration generator by allowing you to specify fields on the command line and automatically creating the schema for you.
  • php artisan generate:model – This creates a boilerplate for an Eloquent model.
  • php artisan generate:controller – This creates a boilerplate for a Controller.
  • php artisan generate:seed – This generates a seed file for a table for you. All you need to do is add the data to seed.
  • php artisan generate:resource – This is a powerful generator. It calls all the other generators to create everything needed for a resource.
  • php artisan generate:view – This will create a boilerplate view for you.
  • php artisan generate:scaffold – Like generate:resource but creates all of the boilerplate for listing, editing, creating, and viewing a resource. (version 2 of this package removed)
  • php artisan generate:form – This creates a form for you based on a model. (version 2 of this package removed)
  • php artisan generate:pivot – This generates the schema for a pivot table between two related tables.
  • php artisan generate:test – This creates a boilerplate unit test file for you.

Github : https://github.com/JeffreyWay/Laravel-4-Generators
License : MIT License