Dropplets – Simplicity blogging System without a database

Dropplets is a true simplicity blogging System, which focus on pure design, typography and usability in the design, development and management of a blog. It’s eliminating all of the unnecessary elements found in typical solutions.
Dropplets don’t require a database and it has support Markdown-formatted files instead for the content. simply change your post status to “published” and then upload your markdown file (e.g. “my-post-title.md”) using the Dropplets uploader. It will then automatically format and publish your post.

Dropplets is open source and free, if you’re a designer or developer, you can create/ customize the templates by creating your own templates using the default as a guide.

Demo: http://dropplets.com/demo/
Download : http://dropplets.com/
License : MIT License